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We believe in small business

During the last financial crisis, banks weren’t equipped to provide the low-cost funding small businesses needed for growth. Business owners in need of capital literally paid the price with sky-high APRs from alternative lenders that left them unable to expand and put people back to work. The founders of SBA123 recognized the importance of small businesses to the overall U.S. economy and knew there had to be a better way. They put a team together and built an online platform business owners could use to easily apply and secure low-cost funds from banks.

Helping finance small business

Business owners choose SBA123 to help them assemble and complete the application process for an SBA or bank term loan. Our team of dedicated professionals then helps them secure low-cost financing from banks in the SBA123 network.

With SBA123, a business owner doesn’t waste time going from bank to bank completing multiple applications, only to be told “no” to the funds they need. Instead, our advanced online technology platform gives business owners a single streamlined application process, matching them with the banks in our network most likely to fund their business. About 90% of the small business loan applications we refer to the lenders in our network are approved.

Your success is important to us

From job creation to innovation, small business owners support and strengthen the economy in many important ways. We strive to help those entrepreneurs get the funds they need to build their businesses.

If you’re seeking an SBA loan, a Bank Term loan, or some other financing, we’ll work as hard as you do to successfully apply for the best-fit funding. It’s a win for us when a customer receives the right loan to meet their business needs.

SBA123 Loans is headquartered in Boston where much of the innovative financial technology transformation is taking place. We are backed by leading venture capital firms and are passionate about technology, finance, and helping finance small businesses.

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